Itsa me!  
    I am Mr. Brown.  I am honored to have the chance to teach in the Bronco Family.
    Contact Information
     940-369-2000 ext. 2113 A-day  2138 B-day

    AB1.       Child Development    Rm 306

    A2.    Intro to Culinary     Rm 305 

     B2.        Child Development  Rm 306

    A3.    Intro to Culinary     Rm 305 

     B3.        Child Development  Rm 306

    A4.    Intro to Culinary     Rm 305 

     B4.  Prin of Education and Training  Rm 306    

    AB5. Conference

                  Disc Golf                                        
    Quick Hits About Me:
    Graduate of DHS ('97.  If I can make it, so can you!)
    North Texas Alumni- B.S. Development and Family Studies (Go Mean Green! #gmg)
    I LOVE to cook! 
    I love teaching Family and Consumer Science because the main focus is on what I consider to be the number one priority...THE FAMILY.
    Like you, my daughter is in High School.  This gives me the unique opportunity to experience working with my favorite age group (TEENS) at school and at home.
    More Quick Hits About Me: 
    My daughter is a Junior DHS
    I am the DHS Disc Golf coach.
    I have 2 dogs (Pepper and Coco) and 3 chickens
    My goal is to not only help you gain knowledge and skills in the subjects I teach, but to help you develop into a responsible employee with great work ethic.   
    More Quick Hits About Me:  
    Before teaching I worked in the Corporate World of production.
    I enjoy hiking.
    I think narwhals are cool.
    Do you want to see what we are doing in class, FCCLA and Disc Golf?  Follow me on Twitter @mrbrown_fcs 
     It would be a lot cooler if you did.
    This is going to be a great year!
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