• Welcome to 7th Grade English!
    Mrs. Deanna Fields
    Team 7-1
    Room B107 
    (972) 347-7542
    Twitter:  @MrsFieldsNMS
    Instagram:  MrsFieldsNMS 
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    Parents AND students should both join REMIND for information and school/class reminders.  I will use this as frequently as I can instead of lots of email.  It's quicker and easier to read a text for something simple.   
    Periods:  1, 4, 7, & 8
    Text:          81010
    Message:  @be4k4f
    Period 5 (Enhanced English)
    Text:           81010
    Message:    @f2a2h46
    Period 6 (Advisory)
    Text:  81010  
    Message:  @mrsfieldsa
    Where to find me:
    Our classroom is located at the end of the 7th grade hallway near the exit door and stairway, room B107. Please be on time and ready to work.  There is much to accomplish this year!  

    If you need me, please use my EMAIL (dfields@dentonisd.org)!  I'm not always near a phone and might not see a phone message as quickly.  

    Wednesday afternoons until 4:00.    

    1st Period:  English
    2nd Period: PLC
    3rd Period:  Team 
    4th Period:  English
    5th Period:  Enhanced English 
    6th Period:  Advisory
    7th Period:  English
    8th Period:  English 

    Supplies Needed for Our Class:
    2 composition books (1 per semester)
    Sharpened pencils with erasers
    Markers/Colored pens are always encouraged in my room!  We take fun notes, but essays will be written in pencil.  

    Class Expectations:
    ...but don't freak out about the Writing!  We will work on this together!  You WILL grow as a writer and student this year! My goal is to take you up at least ONE full level as a writer.  This will take hard work, but YOU can do it!  You should be reading books, watching the news, perusing the newspaper, and filling your head with information that will generate ideas for your writing.  

    Big fat clue:  The more you read...the better you will write.
    Remember what my hero, Chicken Little, says... 
    Chicken Little  
    Every day is a new day to begin again!  We will take this class ONE day at a time!  YOU are important to ME and I believe that you should bring what you have because EVERYONE has something to give!  
    I don't make a habit of assigning homework, BUT, if there is something unfinished from class you may be asked to complete it at home. Bottom line:  Work hard in class and homework will be infrequent!  We will have a MONTHLY homework assignment, Panther Proficiency, that will be completed through the Google Classroom.  These are due at the end of the month and there will be an assessment based on the skills targeted.  

    Deanna Fields

    Phone: 972-347-7542 (But in all honesty, an email will be answered more quickly!)
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