Conference Time: 2:35-3-20 P.M.
    Tutorials: Wednesday and Thursday 3:30-4:00 P.M.

    Dear parents and students,

    I am eager to be teaching at Myers MS. I have high expectations for all my students, and I plan to challenge each student to reach their full potential.

    My goal is to give them tools that they need to reach all of their visions for the future.

    Rules                                       Consequences

          * Be prepared.                  1.  Warning

          * Be prompt.                     2.  Parent Contact

          * Be polite.                        3.  Meeting with student and parent

          * Be productive.               4.  Office referral

    These rules are short and sweet, but they carry a lot of weight. To succeed in life we must work hard, help one another, and be unafraid to try new things.

    This year 8th grade English will focus on note-taking skills, research, organization, writing, literary devices, the correct use of idioms, reinforcing grammar and sentences structure.