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    "Why not go out on a limbthat's where the fruit is."

    Roy Rogers


    Stephanie Riley

    Phone:  940-369-1126

    Conference times:  A3 (11:55-1:35) and B2 (9:50-11:20)


     Reassessment Criteria and Make Up Work

    Students will have ten school days from when they receive grades for their Major and Minor Assessments to reassess.  During this time, they should attend at least one tutorial.  All Formative Assessments that have been given must be complete in order to reassess.
    Students are responsible for any and all work done in class.  If absent please make plans to attend the earliest possible tutorial to receive instructions on the Formative Assessments missed and/or Major or Minor Assessments.  Grades for these activities will show as a MSG (missing) and count as a zero  in Gradebook until they are complete.


    Tutorial Times
    Mornings: M,T,R,F 8:00-first bell
    Afternoon: Wednesday - 4:10-4:30
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