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    Aaron Roberts
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    1st            8:50-9:45      Boy's Basketball1st          8:50-9:45       Boy's Basketball
    A2            9:50-11:20     Algebra IIB2          9:50-11:20      Conference
    A3            11:25-1:00     ConferenceB3          11:25-1:00      Algebra II
    Lunch       1:05-1:35       D LunchLunch     1:05-1:35        D Lunch
    A4            1:40-3:10       Algebra IIB4          1:40-3:10        Algebra II
    5th            3:15-4:10       Boy's Basketball5th          3:15-4:10        Boy's Basketball
    Tuesday and Friday morning 8:05-8:35 in room D205 (other times by appointment).

    Tutorials at the Math Center:

    Library Conference Room

    Every day

    8:00 - 8:45 AM and 4:15-5:00 PM  
    I hope everyone had a great summer and I look forward to working with everyone this semester!

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