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    Tapu Ahmed
    Welcome to computer science.  Our world is increasingly becoming a fast paced economy and the demands of this economy place a premium on people with talents in technology.  In high school level, we try to give our students a head start on understanding essentially how a computer works and how it behaves.  Contrary to fiction, our computers cannot yet think, they must be told what to do.  Understanding this language of computation is an essential talent in our world today.  It is just as valuable as learning a new language.  Imagine how this has changed our world from Facebook, mobile apps, games, cyber security, all running on programs that were written by software developers.  Feel free to drop any questions that you might have.  
    This year, I will also be teaching geometry as well. 
    I am located in room B203.  My tutoring hours are as following:
       Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday:   8:00 - 8:45am
    After school hours are available by appointment. 
    Geometry students, your tutoring will be lab B203 as well since other teachers use rooms D105 and D106 for their morning sessions.