Welcome to the BMMS Student Assistance Counselor Webpage!

    I love what I do and have a passion to help others. I am confident I will be able to meet the needs of our students and provide the necessary support for each student to be successful in their everyday lives. I work with students on their social-emotional needs. I conduct peer mediations, report bullying incidents, provide mandated trainings to students, staff and parents. I work closely with BMMS teachers and staff to make sure our students needs are being met. I am also the coach for our BMMS GOAL Soccer Program. I am excited for the 2017-2018 school year and to see so much growth in our youth!
    Do not hesitate to contact my office for assistance. My office hours are Monday-Friday from 7:45am-4:00pm. I can speak with you in person, phone or via email. I look forward to having a fantastic and prosperous school year!


     Ravin McCallum, LMSW
    Student Assistance Counselor
    Bettye Myers Middle School
    (940) 369-1512