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    Name: Coach Michael Sampson
    Email: msampson@dentonisd.org
    Phone: (940)369-1089 ext B219 or B221
    Conference Period: A4 and B2
    Tutorial Times: By appointment only

    GENERAL COURSE DESCRIPTION & EXPECTATIONS:  World History will give students an overview of history and development of a variety of world cultures, past and present.  This course also provides basis for comparison of various ways of life and cultural patterns and understanding of how these patterns occurred over time.  The major topics to be examined are:


    ·         Ancient River Civilizations
    ·         Classical Greece and Rome
    ·         The Middle Ages
    ·         The Renaissance and Reformation
    ·         The Age of Enlightenment
    ·         Age of Revolution
    ·         The World Wars
    ·         The Cold War
    ·         The Post Modern Era 

    QUIZZES:  Quizzes will be given over the notes taken in class.  This is the easiest way to make sure students understand the lecture notes, reading assignments and discussions.

    EXAMINATIONS:  Each unit features a multiple choice examination.  Cumulative unit tests will be given at the end of each 9 weeks. 


    CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT, BEHAVIOR, AND DISCIPLINE:  Students need to refer to their student handbooks with respect to the following policies, as they will be strictly adhered to in the classroom:

    ·         Attendance
    ·         Tardiness
    ·         Make up work
    ·         Academic integrity
    ·         Computer acceptable use
    ·         Dress code
    ·         Exemption policy
    ·         Food & Drink (NO food or drink will be allowed in the classroom!)


Last Modified on September 26, 2017