Mr. Dillon - 8th Grade Science



    Welcome to my class webpage.  My name is David Dillon and I teach 8th grade science at Calhoun Middle School.  You can contact me via email at or by phone but email is the best and quickest form of contact.  I will answer the email as soon as I can. Voice mail usually gets checked only at the end of the day.

    On my webpage you have access to many items. Click on a link to access that item:

    -1st day introductions of myself and the class expectations. 1st day intro.

    - Syllabus

    - a calendar that you can import into your and/or your student's personal calendar either on a phone and/or on a computer that will have the projects, quizzes, and exam dates that your student will be responsible for.  Click on the little green "ical" button at the top right of the calendar and it will open a page with the instructions to import this into your personal calendar. Please let me know if you need any assistance with this.

    - access Google Classroom for all assignments, notes, quizzes, etc.

    - utilize crashcourse study skills to improve your grades.

    - access to forms or assignments that are being, or have been, assigned them in class such as the safety contract that is required to be signed and returned before they will be allowed to participate in labs. Click MS Safety contract for a copy. I am also including a link to our safety power point that we show the kids. Science Lab Safety ppt

    - any other pertinent information related to my science class.

    -Tutorials - I will be having tutorials for extra help or make-up/re-take of exams on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursdays after school.  Your student will need to get with me if they are coming so that I know to expect them and what they need to work on.

    Students will be required to take the 8th gr. STAAR Test in the spring. This is a comprehensive exam given by the State to assess the readiness of our students to progress to the 9th grade. It can be a difficult exam for the kids to take so they need to pay close attention in class to the concepts that we cover and the applications of those concepts.  I will also help them with strategies to break down words for understanding and break down of questions to understand exactly what the question is asking for.  Please check my webpage periodically as I will be posting helpful articles that parents can use with their students throughout the year.  There are released versions of these tests from years past that are available on the TEA website. Released STAAR Tests  Look for Grade 8, then Science.  There are four released tests so far and the answer keys are to the right. Have your child review 1 question per night and they will become much better prepared to pass this test.

    Great online resources for the kids are Crashcourse or Khan Academy for content specific tutorials and PhET science simulations to reinforce their learning. The simulations are fun and very interactive.  I suggest you give them a try to see for yourself how engaging they are.

    We want your student to be fully prepared for class with their materials so I am asking that they have some specific materials for my class.  They are:

    - 3 packs of index cards

    - 1 composition journal

    - 1 box of kleenex

    - personal pencil sharpener

    - #2 pencils or .7mm mechanical pencils

    - 1 x 2 inch 3 ring binder with at least 5 divider sheets

    - 1 package of loose leaf paper

    - Playdoh - 1 each of blue, black, and white

    - 1 roll of Duct tape

    Thank you for the opportunity to teach your child.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have.  The best method of contact is through email, .