• Hello,

    I am Nurse Mary and this is my first year as a full time school nurse in Denton ISD. I can tell you that I could not be happier to have found such a wonderful place to be as Bettye Myers Middle School. 

    I have been a nurse for over 40 years. My experience includes school nursing, emergency medicine, public health, geriatrics, managed care insurance, head injuries, behavior management, home health and sales. I love being a nurse and look forward to caring for your children at Bettye Myers for years to come. I relocated to Texas from Colorado last year because my family had moved here and I needed to be with them. I love Texas and can't imagine going back to the snow again. 

    Although I will not call you every time I see your child, I will contact you if I have questions or concerns. I will call or email depending on the nature of my concern. I want parents to know that they can call or come by my office whenever they need to. You know your children better than I do and I can care for them much better if we communicate well. 

    My phone is 940-369-1509 and my email is mburdick@dentonisd.org

    I want to partner with you to reach a higher level of health or to maintain the current level of health for your child!

    Warm Regards,

    Mary Burdick, RN, BSN 

    (Nurse Mary)



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