• Information for parents via the UIL:
    Both parenting and coaching are very difficult vocations. By establishing an understanding between coaches and parents, both are better able to accept the actions of the other and provide a more positive experience for everyone. Parents have the right to know, and understand, the expectations placed on them and their children. Coaches have the right to know that if parents have a concern, they will discuss it with the coach at the appropriate time and place.

    UIL Parent/Coach Relationship Information



    Athletic events are a venue for student-athletes to showcase their hard work and dedication to a particular sport or activity.  The majority of the time spectators respect the boundaries set by administrators, coaches and officials that ultimately make for a positive experience for all involved. However, there are cases that those boundaries are crossed and action must be taken to insure that events are positive and safe for all.   These are examples of, but not limited to, inappropriate spectator behavior:


    1)        Verbal abusing a school administrator or an administrative representative of the host or visiting school, any official, and/or any student or athlete.

    2)       Actively coaching children from the stands that effects play, officiating, or the players involved in the contest.

    3)       Entering locker rooms at anytime without permission from a coach, administrator, or a security representative of the host school.

    4)       Inciting other spectators into heated exchanges.


    The Denton ISD Athletic Philosophy states that one of the many purposes of interscholastic athletics is to instill pride, poise, discipline, class, accountability, and decision making skills that will serve the student-athlete long after they leave their respective schools and positive spectator behavior enhances those attributes.  Equally, negative spectator behavior can take away from the overall athletic experience and character development of our student-athletes.  Therefore, any behavior that may be considered disruptive to the event, the participants, and/or the administration or the representatives of the host or visiting schools can be addressed from an informal conference with school personnel all the way to suspension from attending future contests.  It is our hope that you will confirm the outworking of Denton ISD student-athletes commitment to excellence by enjoying their athletic events in a positive and supportive way. 









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