This site centers around the ASVAB test, which is the most widely used multiple-aptitude test in the world. 
    There are sections for students, educators and counselors, and parents.
    This site is part of http://www.about.com/.  It has information on sixty-three different careers, which are arranged in an alphabetical list.  When you click on a career, it brings up information on that field.  Included in this information are subjects such as job description, employment facts, education requirements, earning potential, job outlook, a “day in the life” of a person employed in the given field, and other related resources.  This is a great starting point for students to use when trying to find a career to research in more depth. 
    A list of all kinds of sites related to various careers organized by: governmental, organizational, educational, and commercial. 
    Career Voyages
    This website came about as a result of collaboration between the departments of labor and education.  It gives information on high-growth and in-demand jobs and the skills and education needed to get them.  Some of the career fields explored (out of many) include manufacturing, engineering, aerospace, hospitality, homeland security. There are great career videos, links for students, parents, and career advisors, as well as an extensive document library. 
    This site is intended for people to use when looking for a job.  It lists and gives information on the top jobs in the nation, the top employers, and top locations.  There is also a section with one-minute videos that gives tips on writing resumes, job fairs, interviewing, and posting your resume to the internet.  There is a part on exploring careers, where there is a wealth of information on a vast number of career paths.