• High school course selection information for 2018-19

    The following power point presentation was shared with 8th grade parents on October 4th @ 6pm in the RCMS cafeteria. If you were unable to attend the meeting, please read over the presentation and contact your counselor with any questions.

    Hello Crownover 8th Grade Parents,

    The counseling team will be meeting with all 8th grade students this semester to begin the process of transitioning from middle school to high school. This will involve each student developing a high school 4 year plan also known as a Personal Graduation Plan or a PGP. It is important to know that this is a very fluid process. The PGP can, and probably will, change before your student graduates from high school. However, we want our students to begin planning and preparing for their futures by learning more about themselves through the exploration of their strengths, goals and interests. This is a multi-step process that will take place over the course of the 8th grade year.

    Here are some of the activities we have planned to help you and your student prepare for high school and post high school success:

    • September 18-21 (Science classes): Students will explore career interests and personal strengths through the Naviance program.
    • Wednesday, October 4: Parents will have the opportunity to learn more about graduation requirements through a parent information meeting being held in the Crownover Cafeteria at 6pm. Middle school and high school counselors will be available to answer questions after the informational session.
    • October 5 (Team 8-1 English), October 17 (Team 8-2 English), October 23 (off Team English): Students will learn about the 5 endorsements offered in Denton ISD and how those endorsements tie into their high school course work.
    • October 6, 18, 24: Students will develop their Personal Graduation Plan (PGP) and select courses for the 9th grade year with the assistance of the counselors.
    • October 21: Parents and students are invited to attend the College and Career Expo to learn more about careers, colleges, financial aid and potential classes available at the ATC.
    • October 25-26: High school career counselors will review PGPs to ensure that students have mapped out a plan that aligns with their personal and academic goals, as well as graduation requirements. PGPs will be sent home with students to review with their parents. We ask that parents sign the PGP and return with their student the next day.
    • October 27- November 3: PGPs will be input into Naviance. Please note that students will review their PGPs each year of high school and make any desired and/or necessary changes to the plan or their selected endorsement(s).
    • Monday, February 5: Freshman transition night will be held at each of the high schools. Parents and students are encouraged to attend to meet key high school staff and learn more about clubs, organizations and activities available at the high schools.
    • Month of May: The principal and freshman counselor from each high school will be visiting our school to welcome the senior class of 2022 to their campus!

    We believe that collaboration between parents, students, and campus staff are critical for the success of our students, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


    The Crownover Counselors

    Dr. Carter (8-1) & Ms. Matthews (8-2)

    Students can access their Naviance account from most wifi capable devices by logging into http://connection.naviance.com/ . The user name is the student ID number and the password is the student’s birthday– Month/Day/Year (MMDDYYYY). For example if the student’s birthday is: November 26, 2004, the password is: 11262004 or if the student’s birthday is: March 3, 2004, the password is: 03032004.

    Middle school course selection information for 2018-19

    Below is course selection information for the 2018-19 school year.

    8th Grade Course Request Presentation (for 7th graders entering 8th grade)
    7th Grade Course Request Presentation (for 6th graders entering 7th grade)

    Below are links to the course cards for all grade levels. Remember to choose your child's NEXT YEAR grade level:
    Please note that 7th and 8th grade course cards were completed and submitted by students in late January. The above posting is for informational purposes only. Changes for course selection must be submitted in writing and will only be accepted through FRIDAY, APRIL 6TH. At that time, we will begin developing our master schedule and staffing/supply needs will have already been submitted to the campus principal and district level personnel.
    Students who did not complete a Pre-AP/Enhanced course agreement will not be placed in Pre-AP or Enhanced courses.