Tutorial Times 


    Science - Mr. Parker:

    Thursday mornings 7:45- 8:15


    Math - Mr. Echols: 

    Wednesday – Afternoon till 4:10

    Thursday mornings 7:40-8:15


    Math – Mr. Butenschoen:

    Monday mornings 7:45-3:15


    U.S. History – Mr. Steiner:

    Wednesday mornings 7:45-8:15


    English – Mr. Jones:

    Tuesday mornings 7:45 – 8:15


    Reading – Ms. Ellis:

    Wednesday mornings 7:45 - 8:15  


    Reading – Coach Helgesen:

    Thursday mornings 7:45- 8:15 




    Welcome to the Team 8-2 Web Page!!

      team pic


    In picture from left to right:  
    Coach B, Mr. Echols, Coach Helgesen, Ms. Ellis, Mr. Parker, Mr. Steiner, Coach Jones, & Mr. Burgess
    Team 8-2 Cast of Characters
    Chelsey Ellis   cellis@dentonisd.org    Reading
     Matthew Jones  mjones3@dentonisd.org English/Enhanced English
      Scott Steiner   ssteiner@dentonisd.org  Social Studies
    Joe Parker jparker@dentonisd.org  Science
    Sean Echols sechols@dentonisd.org   Math
    Special Guest Stars
    Michael Burgess  mburgess@dentonisd.org    EXPO
     Dean Butenschoen   dbutenschoen@dentonisd.org  Math Inclusion
      Todd Helgesen  thelgesen@dentonisd.org   ELA Inclusion 

                                  Important Information      


    Dear Parents or Guardians:


    Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! We are pleased to have your child in the eighth grade and anticipate an exciting, challenging, and educational year. By working as a three-part team of parents, teachers, and students, your child will receive the best possible education.

    To help your child succeed in eighth grade while preparing him or her to be an independent learner at the high school level, there are certain policies across the grade level. These policies will help each student with self-motivation, responsibility and reinforce the importance of polite behavior and good work habits in an educational setting. This also maintains consistency throughout your child's day and provides a pleasant and safe learning environment for every student. Information on each policy follows.


    1. Class rules 

    - Rules and consequences are posted in each classroom as well as clearly explained to the students. Individual teachers may have additional specific classroom rules as needed. Please click here for more information: Student Code of Conduct

    ***Serious discipline problems or classroom disruptions will be immediately referred to the office.


    2. IDs 

    ID’s should be worn at all times. If your child does not come to school with an appropriate ID, he/she will be sent to the main office to get a sticker (substitute ID) for the day. There is a 25 cent charge and escalating penalties for each time students come to school without an ID. If they have a sticker there is an automatic lunch detention.


    3. Grading and Assessment

    Denton ISD is initiating a Standards-Based Grading approach this year. This means that reported grades will be based solely on student learning and mastery of course objectives, such as the TEKS. Student work will consist of three types:

    Formative assignments - these include notes, written work, activities, etc. that teach

    new material and/or skills. Grades may or may not be taken but will not apply to the student’s class average.

    Minor assessments (40% on level, 30% Pre-AP) - these include quizzes or other assignments that measure student progress toward learning objectives as they move through the lesson cycle.

    Major assessments (60% on level, 70% Pre-AP) - these include major exams, projects, or assignments to assess student mastery at the end of a lesson cycle or unit.


    Grading periods are 9 weeks longDuring that time, students will have the opportunity to redo or retake assessments (10 days after the grade is posted) to improve their grades after they have done remediation of the content and shown evidence of new learning. This can include redoing or revising formative work, tutoring, or outside study as verified by the teacher. No retakes will be accepted during the last week of the grading period.


    4. Student Success

    Make up work- Students need to talk to each teacher upon returning from an absence to get information about how best to make up work.

    Assessments –Grading policies – The district grading policy can be reviewed in the student handbook. Student Handbook

    Tutoring - It is the student’s responsibility to schedule tutoring with each teacher. Please be aware that tutoring is not a make-up or homework time. It is a time to assist students with specific classroom help. Tutoring is available in all subjects by appointment with each teacher. Parents are required to provide transportation for tutoring if necessary in most cases.

    Progress reports and report cards - Progress reports and report cards must be signed and returned the following class day to the homeroom teacher.


    5. Passing periods/etc. 

     In the four-minute passing period, students should collect class materials and take care of personal needs. Students are to stay in the eighth grade halls during these times unless their class is in another hall. Only approved materials essential to core classes will be allowed in classrooms. Purses, backpacks and bags for athletics are not allowed in classrooms.


    6. Electronics

    Cell phones and portable electronic devices (including I-pods) may be used before and after the school day but must be turned off and stored in lockers from 8:20-3:20. If they are found in the classroom, these items will be taken up by the classroom teacher and turned in to the office. Cell phones will be returned to a parent/guardian after a $15.00 fine has been paid. Campus wide or teacher directed “technology days” will be highly publicized and devices will be allowed on a limited basis on those days. 

    Occasionally, a teacher will ask students, who have them at school, to bring devices for a special lesson.  The teacher will provide time to get the devices and time to return them to lockers before the next class.

    GUM IS NEVER ALLOWED IN THE Science lab, gym, or computer labs. 


    Any time you have questions or concerns, please call 940-369-3300, or we can also be reached via email. Should you wish to meet with your child’s teachers, please contact the team leader, Ms. Ellis, and she will schedule a meeting. We look forward to working with you and your child this year!!




Last Modified on September 1, 2017