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    2017- 2018: 7th Grade School Supply List

    1 – Two subject spiral notebook (Math)

    1 – One subject spiral notebook (History)

    4 composition books (2 Science, 1 English, 1 Reading)

    3 - Two pocket folders with brads (English, Math, and History)

    24 pencils

    Pen (blue or black)

    Markers (thick or thin)

    Colored map pencils

    2 large boxes of Kleenex

    Large glue stick or bottle of school glue

    200 ct. wide rule notebook paper

    Zipper pencil bag / box

    2 large erasers

    1 pkg. white copy paper (Boys only)

    4-AAA batteries (Math) (Girls only)

    Handheld sharpener

    2 fine point dry erase black markers