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    Hodge Elementary, in partnership with the HODGE PTA, is starting up the Reading Counts Program. The Reading Counts Program is a reading incentive program where students earn points by reading books that are listed in the Reading Counts database and taking short comprehension tests about the books.
    How do students earn points?
    Each grade level will have a goal of points to reach during a six weeks period. Each student will choose a book from the Reading Counts Program and will accumulate points after taking and passing a test on the book. Each book is worth a certain amount of points. They can either read the book themselves OR have it read to them. They must comprehend the book to be able to take the test.
    Here are the grade level six weeks goals:
    FIRST GRADE: 5 points
    SECOND GRADE: 10 points
    THIRD GRADE: 15 points
    FOURTH GRADE: 20 points
    FIFTH GRADE: 25 points
    (Point goals may be adjusted by the
    classroom teacher...as needed.)

Last Modified on September 18, 2008