• Instructional Software
    Below is a list of some of the major software programs available on our computers for student learning.
    • Kidspiration/Inspiration: This is a great program in which students create graphic organizers by combining pictures, text, and spoken words to represent ideas. Younger learners develop early literacy skills, and more advanced students improve comprehension skills and better organize ideas for writing.
    • Type To Learn 4: The program teaches students how to use proper keyboarding skills in an interactive format.  Students learn things such as hand position and good rhythm patterns for typing. The program is completed by all 2nd grade students in the spring semester.
    • Kid Pix: This is a program that inspires creativity with its unique art and writing tools.
    • Neighborhood Map Machine: This program enables students to create their own maps, as well as do activities on existing maps. This software helps reinforce the geography/mapping skills students learn in Social Studies and Reading for all grade levels.
    • Reading Counts: All lab and classroom computers are equipped with the Reading Counts software for grades 1-5.  Students take comprehension tests on books they've read, and can earn points for each book "passed." This is a great program that allows the students to set personal goals to strengthen their reading skills! The higher the reading level of the book, the more points the book is worth! This challenges and motivates the students to continue improving their reading levels.