•                                                     AIR QUALITY
    McNair Elementary School is going to participate in a Daily Air Quality program. It is important to know the daily air quality so students can avoid exposure during unhealthy days and enjoy outdoor play on healthy days. Unhealthy air can cause airway swelling, decreased lung function, cough, scratchy throat, and feeling tired. If you have asthma it can make it worse.


     A FLAG PROGRAM  will alert staff and parents of the Daily Air Quality. A flag will be displayed across from the office with the air quality for the day.


    GREEN –GOOD---the air quality is healthy for everyone. Students are encouraged to enjoy the outdoors.


    YELLOW—MODERATE---the air is unhealthy for people who are unusually  sensitive and people with lung or heart problems. This group should consider limiting outdoor activity.


    ORANGE ---UNHEALTHY—the air is unhealthy for the sensitive group and people with lung or heart conditions. This group should limit outdoor activities.


    RED—VERY UNHEALTHY—the air is unhealthy for all. Sensitive groups and people with lung or heart conditions should avoid outdoor activities. Everyone should limit outdoor activities.


     Remember to ask  your child ;WHAT COLOR IS THE FLAG TODAY ?


    Thank You, Nurse Trina Lisenbey,RN

Last Modified on January 22, 2015