• Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for ART

    The Art TEKS are standards that identify what all students in Texas schools should know and be able to do in art. As in all curricular areas, the TEKS identify content and skills to be learned by Texas students.The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills in art outline the essentials for building knowledge and developing skills.
    Effective art programs, based on the TEKS, emphasize critical and creative thinking and problem solving at all grade and course levels. CEDFA, 2010

    • Perception, the development and organization of ideas from the environment through increased visual awareness and sensitivity to surroundings, memory, and imagination
    • Creative expression/performance, the expression of thoughts and ideas through original artworks, using a variety of media in processes and projects that  challenge the imagination, foster reflective thinking, and develop disciplined effort and problem-solving skills
    • Historical and cultural heritage, the analysis of art history and styles as records of human achievement that foster respect for the traditions and contributions of various contemporary and past cultures 
    • Response/evaluation, the analysis of personal artworks and the artworks of others that contributes to the development of lifelong skills of making informed judgments and evaluations in art and other areas of daily life.

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Last Modified on July 21, 2014