• Business Day Information for Parents/Guardians


    ·        Business Day will be held six times during the school year at the end of each six week period.

    ·        Businesses may spend up to $10.00 on raw materials for their product.

    ·        Students must follow the theme of that Business Day.

    ·        No food will be eaten or sold during Business Day.

    ·      Students will choose their own business partners from their homeroom class.

    ·        Students will create their product at home using raw materials. The items sold must be student made.

    ·        Parents can choose whether or not their child participates in Business Day.

    ·        Behavior determines who qualifies to be in Business Day.

    ·        Business Day is from 12:30-2:00 on a specified day.

    ·        Parents are invited to shop during Business Day, but are asked not to help their child during the operational hours of  12:30-2:00.        The amount of items created by each business is up to the students. Having one item to raffle insures that the business will stay open for the full 90 minutes.


Last Modified on September 13, 2016