Classroom Environment

     Our classroom environment reflects real, relevant teaching and learning.  Our classroom curriculum incorporates all the language processes (listening, writing, speaking, and reading) in a meaningful context using a Balanced Literacy approach that values purposeful reading and writing.


              Our classroom encourages children to see themselves as readers, writers, and problem solvers.  We value the process as well as the product, and understand that all the children are unique individuals.  The teaching process is based on what we know about how children learn.


              We use district-adopted reading and mathematics instructional materials, including the “Daily 5 and CAFE” and Lucy Calkins Reading and Writing units for Language Arts, and “Investigations” for math and problem solving.


    Our Class Strives To:


    Immerse the students in oral and written language, offering ample opportunities for experience and practice.


    Create a cooperative classroom where children are encouraged in a positive way.


    Create a print-rich environment.


    Give children choice times during the day, where they have opportunities to be responsible for their own learning.


    Provide multiple opportunities for children to work- independently or with the teacher- in large groups, small groups, and individually.


    Allow opportunities for the teacher to observe and record children and their learning.


    Give children experience with the real mathematical and scientific processes.