• Student Behavior and Discipline


    Our class rules are simple and easy to follow:

    ·        Listen to the teacher and follow directions at all times.

    ·        Use quiet, inside voices in the classroom.

    ·        Take turns listening and speaking; raise your hand to speak during group time.

    ·        Clean up after yourself!!

    ·        No running in the classroom or the school building.

    ·        Be a good friend.


    In addition, Wayne Stuart Ryan Elementary enforces the following:

    ·        Following directions given by any school staff or listed in the handbook.

    ·        Do nothing to hurt people or property.

    ·        Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

    ·        Cursing and name-calling are unacceptable.

    ·        Do nothing to disrupt class or other school activities.


    Consequences in our classroom for choosing NOT to follow the rules:

    *It is very important to us that all students feel respected in the classroom.  If your child is struggling with negative feelings towards or from a classmate, teacher, or anyone involved in our day, please encourage them to make the teacher aware of the situation promptly.  If you prefer to let the teacher  know of the situation privately, please call or email.  We spend a large part of our days together, and it is our goal that each person is comfortable in our surroundings.  We believe this mutual respect makes for a productive learning environment. Thank you.

     Our class discipline is easy!  Work hard and be respectful.  Every child will start with their clipon the number 3.  The childran have the opportunity to "clip up" to a 4, 5, or 6 for good behavior.  Students may also be asked to "clip down" to a 2, 1, or 0 for bad behavior.  During the day, it is my responsilbilty to catch them back on task so they can "clip up" again. :) Each students goal is to be on a 3 or higher by the end of the day. 

    -Your child has a cloth pin on the Class Conduct Chart in the classroom.  Your child’s goal is to keep his/her clip on 3 all day.  If for any reason, rules are broken, your child will be given the following steps (in this order, usually): a verbal warning, time in the "Thinking Chair", thinking time in a partner teacher's classroom.  If these steps do not help redirect your child, they will be asked to move their clip to the next number.  I will record and explain the reason for the number at the end of the day in their Conduct Folder.  You will need to initial the box each day and return the Conduct Folder to school.