• violinistAre you in 4th Grade?
    Do you want to join the 5th grade orchestra class next year?
    In May you will see a presentation during school about how to join the orchestra class and you will receive all of the forms you need to sign up. 
    bass player
    How to join:
    At your orchestra presentation you will receive a sign-up form that you parent will fill out for you. There will be a link to it above if you can't find it. You will turn this in as soon as possible to your 4th grade orchestra teacher or the front office. Ms. Harvey will notify your parent by email when you have been accepted into the class. Then, you will plan to come to an instrument sizing meeting to be fitted for your instrument, and where you can learn how to arrange a rental instrument and supplies for next year. The instrument sizing dates and times are listed on the Parent Letter in the sign-up packet.
    How to choose your instrument:
    At the orchestra presentation during school, you will get to hear current 5th grade orchestra students play each instrument and that will give you an idea of what each instrument looks like and sounds like. In the string orchestra there are 4 different string instruments - the violin, viola, cello or bass. You should try to decide on your instrument based on which sound you like best, not based on what it looks like. On your sign-up form, rank the instruments by choice. If that instrument fills up you can have the option of playing the instrument that is your second choice. Learn more about each instrument by clicking on the link to the left titled "About the Instruments"
Last Modified on May 22, 2017