• Especially for Kindergarteners
    These are areas that we will be working on this year and you can help with at home!



    Kindergarteners should KNOW:

    Your complete address and phone number

    Your birthday

    Your parent’s names

    Your FULL name - and how to write it!

    CarTag Number


    Kindergarteners should PRACTICE:

    Using good manners

    Going to bed and getting up early

    Holding a pencil correctly

    Writing letters with the correct stroke

    Listening skills and following directions

    Tying shoelaces, buttoning and zipping

    Cutting with scissors

    Working neatly

    Eating healthy foods


    Kindergarteners are LEARNING:

    Left and right

    To recognize and write numerals 0-20

    To count to 100

    To identify shapes including sphere, cone, cube and cylinder

    To identify and create patterns

    To recognize a penny, nickel, dime, quarter and dollar

    To identity each letter of the alphabet and the sound it makes

    To read high-frequency words (from the word wall)

    To retell a story in the correct sequence

    To write their own stories and record observations

    To recite the pledge of allegiance

Last Modified on August 16, 2011