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    Vegetarian diets have become more popular, and many parents may wonder if kids can safely follow a vegetarian diet and still get all the nutrients necessary for growing up healthy and strong.

    Halloween Candy Hints
    For health-conscious parents, Halloween can be tricky. Do you set limits? Do you let kids decide how much to eat? There isn't just one right answer.

    Talking Politics: What to Say to Your Kids
    Talking with your kids about important issues, the electoral process, and why voting is important not only teaches how government affects the world, but also shows that every person's opinion counts.

    Battling Bullying
    Unfortunately, bullying is a common part of childhood. But parents can help kids cope with it on a day-to-day basis and lessen its lasting impact.

    Home Alone
    With a little planning, the time that kids spend home alone can be catastrophe-free - and can even help build their sense of confidence and independence.

    News - New Food Guide Pyramid for Preschoolers
    The USDA's new MyPyramid for Preschoolers is intended to help parents make better food choices for preschool kids (ages 2 to 5 years), a critical time when food habits and taste preferences are established.

    Becoming a Vegetarian
    People choose vegetarianism for a variety of reasons. This article describes different types of vegetarianism and provides advice on ways for vegetarians to get all the nutrients they need.

    Yoga: Getting Started
    Looking for a workout program that's easy to learn, requires little or no equipment, and soothes your soul while toning your body? Read about yoga - and watch our slideshow for some easy poses to try.

    Your Thoughts on Election 2008
    In October 2008 we ran a survey on the U.S. presidential election. Here's what more than 1,200 teens told us.

    Texting on the Move
    You've heard the warnings about texting and driving - but ER docs are also warning against texting and walking. Read our tips for safe texting.

    If you're among the millions of new drivers, here are a few tips to keep you both sane and safe.

    What's a Vegetarian?
    You probably know a vegetarian doesn't eat meat, but did you know there's more than just one kind of vegetarian? Find out more in this article for kids.

    Halloween Candy Game
    You know candy has calories, but what happens if you eat too much? Feed the pumpkin some Halloween treats to find out!

    Kids Talk About: The Presidential Election
    See what kids had to say about the 2008 presidential election. Also, find out who won in our pretend election - Mom vs. Dad for president!

    Why Is Smoking Bad?
    Everyone says smoking is bad for you. Why? Find out in this article for kids.



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