• Welcome to the Health Room for 2015/2016
    The year has started very smoothly and currently I have begun Vision and Hearing screenings. You will receive a letter of referral for vision or hearing if your child does not pass their screening.I am striving to have these ready during parent/teacher conference week. If you have questions, email or call me!   The procedure for referrals requires me to test your child at least twice if he/she fails. I will the teachers know which students have a problem, so they will make changes in the classroom if needed. You can ask at parent/teacher conferences if there was a problem with your child's screening, or some children are good about reporting how they did to you. Also, if your child already wears glasses, he/she is tested with the glasses.
    Also another screening that I do at the same time is the diabetes screening, called acanthosis nigricans. It is a simple screening that I look at the child's neck. Acanthosis nigricans is a skin condition that signals high insulin levels in the body. Most of the time it is seen on the back of the neck as a black-brown velvety marker. Many times, acanthosis nigricans may be confused for poor hygiene. Acanthosis nigricans is NOT an indicator of poor hygiene. However, it does serve as a risk indicator for Type 2 Diabetes. High insulin levels have also shown to increase the risk for other chronic health problems. If I find the marker on your child's neck, we then would take a couple of blood pressure readings, along with the child's height and weight, and you will receive a referral letter to take to your doctor. This screening is only done in first, third and fifth grade.