• Hello 9th Graders and Parents. Welcome to high school!


    9th Grade Students Plan For Success

    The ninth grade year is a time when the students adjust to a new school environment. For the first time in their educational journey, students have the opportunity to begin selecting courses that align with their interests.


    What 9th graders should do:

    Go to class everyday! Class attendance is essential.

    Be on time! Punctuality is important.

    Complete assignments and turn in on time. Assignments and homework are important!

    Pass your classes. Grades are recorded on your transcript each semester starting in 9th grade!

    Communicate with teachers and parents. Talk and Listen!

    Get involved! Join school organizations and participate in school activities.

    Go to tutoring!Get help if your grades start falling.

    Behavior and attitude count!   Follow school rules.



Last Modified on September 5, 2006