• 3rd Grade Policies and Procedures

    Policies and Procedures


    Welcome to Third Grade at Hawk Elementary. We are very excited about this year. The following are some helpful hints for making this year run smoothly. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or email your child’s teacher. Thank you for your support!

    Personal Belongings

    Please label your child’s personal belongings, especially backpacks and lunch boxes. Please do not bring any valuables to school unless your child has been given permission to do so.


    Purchase all lunches in advance through the cafeteria if possible. You may eat lunch with ONLY your child/children on the stage. A note is required if someone other than the parent/ guardian plans to join your child for lunch.

    Snack Policy

    We will have a time for snack every day. If students wish they can bring healthy snacks to eat and juice or water to drink; we would prefer drinks to be in a pop-top container to avoid spills. Some examples of healthy snacks include: fruit (already cut, peeled, or sliced), vegetables, cheese and crackers, pretzels, fruit roll-ups, yogurt, applesauce, etc… Candy, chips, cookies, and soft drinks will not be permitted in the classroom. If a student brings candy or soft drinks, we will ask them to leave it in their backpacks. Water bottles can be used throughout the day. Students will have opportunities to refill them. Leaky water bottles will be emptied and sent home.


    IMPORTANT! You must notify the teacher IN WRITING if you change your child’s regular transportation arrangement. Please do not send your child to school with a verbal message. Please call the office in case of an urgent change in transportation, 940-369-1800, by 2:00p.m. to ensure the teacher is made aware of any changes. If the teacher does not receive notice from a parent, the student will use their normal form of transportation at the end of the day.


    Please call the office on the day of the absence by 10 a.m. You must call on each day of an absence, 940-369-1800. Additionally, please send a written note to the front office when your child returns to school. Calls and emails are not an acceptable form of notification. Please let the office teacher know in writing why your child was absent. Please include the following information: Parent Name, Child Name, Teacher Name, Date(s) of absence, and WHY they were absent.


    Our day begins at 7:40. Please have your child on time every day to ensure maximum learning opportunities.


    All medications must be accompanied by a doctor’s order and delivered to the nurse. Please contact our school nurse, Debbie Lynas, at 940-369-1800.


    Birthdays are special to everyone! Please let me know in advance if you are sending cupcakes, cookies, etc. All snacks must be for individuals, no cakes or large cookies. Birthday invitations are fine to send to school if you are inviting the entire class. Please make other arrangements to disburse invitations if you are only inviting a few students.

    Parent Conferences

    Our daily conference/planning time is from 9:10-10:00. Please contact your child’s teacher in advance for an appointment as needed. 


    Students are required to read for at least 20 minutes each night and complete at least 1 lesson on Imagine Learning each week. A homework log will be sent home Mondays and it will be due every Friday morning completed with a parent signature. 

    Third Grade Class Expectations

    Our class expectations rely heavily on the responsibility of each child for his/her choices.



    ·        Yourself

    ·        Others

    ·        Supplies

    ·        Learning

    Class DOJO

     This year Third Grade will be using Class DOJO to encourage important skills like working hard and participating. They will be able to both earn points and lose points. These points can be used to redeem for rewards throughout the year. Please let your teacher know if you need the parent portal log in so that you can keep up with your child's behavior throughout the day.

    Third Grade Policies and Procedures

    *It is very important to us that all students feel respected in the classroom. If your child is struggling with negative feelings towards or from a classmate, teacher, or anyone involved in our day, please encourage them to make the teacher aware of the situation promptly. If you prefer to let the teacher know of the situation privately, please call or email. We spend a large part of our day together, and it is our goal that each person is comfortable in our surroundings. We believe this mutual respect makes for a productive learning environment. Thank you. *


Last Modified on August 14, 2017