• Welcome to The Wonderful World of Art!
    Art in its many forms of expression is important to all people.  Almost everything we make and use involves art in some way.  It has long been recognized as a common means of communication between people of every race and creed.  It is a functional and practical part of our complex lives.  Together we will strive through the practical application of the art mediums to make children more aware of their own art interest and appreciation.
    Learning to Draw with the Elements of Art
    LINE- Basic element of all drawing which expresses emotions
    SHAPE- Geometric vs. Organic
    FORM- Two-dimensional vs. Three-dimensional
    SPACE- Positive vs. Negative
    VALUE- Creates depth and feeling of form and space
    TEXTURE- Tactile and visual appeal
    COLOR- Experimenting with color mixing, schemes, and the emotional qualities of color
    Art Appreciation
    Acquiring knowledge about past and present artist and their styles as it relates to the current projects
    Feel free to call me regarding questions or comments.
    Stephanie Halberstadt