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    Reading Goals   
      1. Develop tools and skills to become independent readers.
      2. Understand expository text in order to gain and use information about our world. 
      3. Understand literary text using comprehension strategies to become self-directed, critical readers.
    Reading Skills
    Expository (Non-fiction)
    *Analyze information
    *Make inferences
    *Provide evidence from text to support their understanding
    *Summarize the main idea and supporting details
    *Use multiple text features and graphics to locate info
     Literary (Fiction)
    *Recognize setting, narrators, characters, plot, and theme
    *Infer and draw conclusions
    *Explain the purpose of various points of view
    *Compare and contrast themes
     Parent support 
        By 5th grade, students are doing a lot of independent reading. Encourage your child to read and share what you're reading with them. You can begin that conversation with your child by asking some of the following comprehension seeking questions. Remember we want our children to see that reading is a life long skill and when we can share what we've been reading with others, it helps us become more engaged in what we're reading.
    Sample questions to ask for understanding:
    1. What is your purpose for reading this text?
    2. What questions do you have while reading?
    3. What did the reading remind you of? 
    4. Summarize what you read. 
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Last Modified on August 13, 2017