• About Classwork & Homework

       Homework will be given Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Some weekends may be required if we are collecting data. If a student needs extra weekend homework, it will be assigned.  
    Notebooks & Journals
      Students are required to keep a science journal.  Most journaling occurs in the class or lab, however, students may need to make journal entries outside of school.  Journal homework may be assigned at various times through the year. Students will note these assignments in homework folder.
      Journal contains notes, observations, experiments, and ideas are to contain your child's unique perspective.  It is used as a major assessment tool.
      Project homework is assigned at various times through the year.  Projects reflect the deeper understanding of concepts and ideas - Can student apply scientific methods and principles?  How do they adapt to challenges and change? Projects are also a major assessment tool.
    Center Work
      Students are expected to do work in Independent Learning Centers.  In addition, our campus uses Thinking Maps as an enduring strategy for students to organize their thought processes. These methods of learning are highly engaging, rigorous, and productive.  All work must be complete and correct.  Students will redo the work until standards are met.  Students will learn to self monitor and reflect upon their own work.  They will develop the ability to explain their reasoning to peers, teachers, and parents.   
      Any graded paper with a score less than a 3 can be reworked at home. REWORK IS ADDITIONAL HOMEWORK and MUST HAVE a parent's signature.  Remember, all work must be correct!
      Tests are given depending on when we complete lessons.  However, students are always being assessed. Journals & Notes can be used on most test. OUR JOURNAL IS OUR BEST FRIEND IN SCIENCE, MATH, & WRITING!  Journals have a Table of Contents, Classwork, Experiments, and a Glossary (if done correctly).  Bonus questions are given at times.  As stated above, only work that meets standards is accepted.  We will work until we get it right.



      Students are expected to know, use, and spell sight words and content vocabulary.  Academic language is used in all conversation and on all assessments.  Vocabulary plays a major role on all standards based assessments.

Last Modified on August 18, 2016