• About Me


          I am delighted to be back at Savannah for another exciting school year! This will be my 16th year of teaching, and this will be my 12th year at Savannah. I started off teaching 4th grade when we first opened Savannah and then moved up to 5th grade six years ago. This year I look forward to being departmentalized and teaching language arts and social studies to two sections of 5th grade. I am very passionate about reading and consider it one of my favorite hobbies. My goal is to help my students develop their reading skills in order to become higher level readers.
          My husband and I reside in Savannah along with our two beautiful children. We have a ten year old daughter, who will be going into 5th grade this year at Savannah, and an eight year old son, who will be entering 3rd grade. My family enjoys participating in community activities and making frequent visits to the park; so I’m sure you’ll see us around.
Last Modified on August 13, 2017