The following are all examples of student work completed in Will Milne's Commercial Photography class at the Advanced Technology Complex in Denton, TX. For more examples or questions, please email
estaphania santos  
Tre Williams  
Tre Williams  
Adri Belvin  
Carolyn Jimenez  
Ashley Moudy  
Josh Lorimer  
Avery Jaramillo  
Cole Riley  
victor cardenas  
Kolos Urbanyi
Architectural Photography of the ATC by Kolos Urbanyi
Anna Adami
Punk Rock Portrait #2 by Anna Adami
melissa petrie
Alex the Lizard Macro by Melissa Petrie
Becky Gates
Coffee Wars by Becky Gates
lil rebs
Jewelry Product Shots for Savvie Design by Lil Rebs McFarland
Connor Temple
Watch Product Shot by Conner Temple
"Where I Wanna Go" Self-Portrait by Bobby Biedinger
melissa book  
Alternate Book Cover by Melissa Petrie 
allison moody
Panini ad by Allison Moody
becky scanner  
Scanner Selfie by Becky Gates 
Tori Davis
Spider Woman (Exploration in Masking) by Tori Davis
Allison Moody  
Beach Foodscape by Allison Moody
water balloon
High Speed Photography Exploration with Water Balloons
Melissa Petrie
Mentor Denton Advertisement by Melissa Petrie, Alex Cates and Missy Atkins
Stormi Davis  
Ad for Bookish Coffee by Stormi Davis
mango qualls
Self Portrait by Mango Qualls (1st Place winner in ATPI's 2013 Advanced Environmental Self Portrait Contest)
Silhouette with Beach by Antonn Flavius
Caterpillar Macro by Daniel Perez
tasha noblitt  
Old Photo Restoration and Recolor by Tasha Noblitt 
Circus Portrait by Kyla McKinzie
Klee Perry
Water in the Air by Klee Perry
Laura Niguidula
San Pellegrino Ad by Laura Niguidula
Anna Adami
Immaculate (part of a series entitled, "Roots") by Anna Adami
Rebecca Arriaga
Aged-Looking Photo by Rebecca Arriaga
Caroline Becker
Three Person Face Merge by Caroline Becker
Tyler Hunter
Mirror Dimension by Tyler Hunter (Honorable Mention in's Fall Photo Contest)
Ariel Bailey Movie Poster
Movie Poster by Ariel Bailey                          
Ariel Bailey
Advertisement using Different Appeals by Ariel Bailey
Kylie Phillips
Clones by Kylie Phillips
Allison Moody
Flower by Allison Moody
Laura Niguidula
Optical Illustion Portrait by Laura Niguidula
Macro Picture by Hunter Foreman

Water Droplet by Jake Wendt

water ribbons
Light Painting by Nicco Pershin




Floating Picture by Wade Fisher



ATC Comm Photo Portfolio from will milne on Vimeo.

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