• Characteristics of the Gifted and Talented

    From Raising Champions, 2nd Ed. Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented.

    This list of general characteristics will help you understand and evaluate your child's gifts and talents. Probably no child has high levels of performance in all of the categories. The more gifted and talented a child is, the more of these traits he or she will demonstrate.
    • Very verbal, asks many questions, uses advanced vocabulary, wants to know why, how, and what about many things (or everything). They surprise you, your friends, or family with the questions asked or the vocabulary used.
    • Imaginative, playful, have an imaginary playmate, daydreams, becomes absorbed in thoughts.
    • Good memory, learns rapidly, accurately remembers things for a long time.
    • Has interests in a wide range of topics, wants to know everything about a chosen interest.
    • Acutely aware of right and wrong, sensitive to others feelings, strong sense of fairness.
    • Critical of others, but has difficulty accepting criticism,demands unrealistic perfection from self, especially in certain areas.
    • Display boundless energy, requires less sleep, is always in motion.

    Comparison of a Bright Child versus a Gifted Child

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