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    The EXPO Program

    Denton ISD's program for Gifted and Talented Students

    Gifted and talented students are those who excel consistently or who show the potential to excel in general intellectual ability, specific subject matter aptitude, and creative and productive thinking. These students require educational experiences beyond those normally provided by the regular school program. Students shall be identified through the use of multiple criteria as specified by the Denton Independent School District. The district recognizes that students identified as gifted and talented can come from all races, socioeconomic groups, geographical locales, and environments.

    How are the Gifted Students selected?

    Nominations are solicited from a variety of sources. Teachers, principals, counselors, and parents are various ways students may be nominated for the EXPO Program. Students must meet specific criteria which includes objective and subjective measurements. Final placement for the EXPO program is determined by a committee on each campus consisting of an administrator, counselor, and teachers.

    What type of curriculum is taught?

    The elementary EXPO curriculum is interdisciplinary and develops and utilizes advanced thinking concepts and processes. Students are given an opportunity to study content in depth and pursue topics of interest with consideration for different learning styles through various types of activities.

    What skills will EXPO students learn?

    EXPO students work in the areas of:

Last Modified on August 14, 2017