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    Helping Your Children Establish High
    Standards for Their Schoolwork
    There's lots of research evidence showing that students who
    know the standards for good work themselves are best able
    to produce good work.
    Asking questions like the following can help
    a child begin to learn these standards. When your children begin
    working on their own tasks, they may ask themselves the same kind
    of questions.
    • Explain how you figured that problem out. 
    • How do you know that's correct? 
    • Why do you think that? Write your thinking down. 
    • Can both of these things be true? 
    • Can you find a better way to convince the reader of
      your answer?
    • Can you make a drawing that shows what you mean?
    • Have you labeled your drawing?
    • Did you describe the units correctly? (inches, milliliters, meters, teaspoons, etc.)
    • How is this similar to what you did in class? 
    • What part is hard for you? How could we make that part
    • If a child has an incorrect solution, suggest two or three
      solutions and ask her to compare them. 
    • Does one look more correct than the others?
    • What is something you've learned that relates to this?  How
      does it relate?
    • When do you think you might use this in life?
    • What is the key language of this discipline?
    • What are the key details?
    • What patterns or trends do you see?
    • What are the rules of this discipline?
    adapted from Susan Acosta
    Amelia Earhart
Last Modified on August 14, 2017