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    Suggestions for Home (if age appropriate)

    Jigsaw Puzzles
    Squzzle and Triazzle Puzzles
    Three-dimensional Puzzles
    Brain Teaser Puzzles and Books
    Reference Materials/Books
    Video Games (great for quick thinking/problem solving/strategic
    planning and hand-eye coordination, but monitored and limited)
    Problem Solving Puzzles
    Conversation (high level with advanced vocabulary)
    Cause/Effect Toys or Games
    Strategy Games
    Design Manipulatives
    Well-written Well-crafted Literature and Nonfiction (age
    Opportunities for Writing (fiction and nonfiction)

    Suggestions for Parents

    Listen to your child
    Encourage your child
    Advocate for your child
    Provide enrichment opportunities/experiences

    Useful Resources for Parents

    The Critical Thinking Company

    Publisher of materials for gifted education.


    Publishers of materials for use in a gifted classroom.

    Educational Impressions

    Publisher of materials to enrich the curriculum and to encourage critical
    and creative thinking.

    Great Potential Press

    Publisher of gifted education resources.


    Great source for challenging brain teasers and games!

    Pieces of Learning

    Publisher of resources for gifted education.

    Professional Associates Publishing

    Publisher that provides educational materials that enrich the
    learning experiences of all students and maximizing students'
    high-level responses.

    Prufrock Press

    Publisher of gifted materials.

    Tin Man Press

    Publisher of gifted resource materials.

    Toy List 2007 from Parenting for High Potential

    The parent magazine published by the National Association
    for Gifted Children puts out an annual toy list that they have
    researched and found to be thought-provoking and challenging
    for gifted children.

    Gifted Organizations and Gifted Information Sites
    The Texas Education Agency
    The Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented
    The National Association for Gifted Children
    The College Board's Advanced Placement page
    The Gifted Development Center
    The Davidson Institute for Talent Development

    "Is it a Cheetah?" by Stephanie S. Tolan
    A look at giftedness...


    Top Ten Books on Giftedness
    by Noreen H. Joslyn, LISW, ACSW

    1. Bringing Out the Best: A Resource Guide for Parents
      of Young Gifted Children by Jacqulyn Saunders with
      Pamela Espelund. Free Spirit Publishing
      A highly practical book. Gives suggestions for
      enriching home learning plus advice on choosing

    2. The Survival Guide for Parents of Gifted K
      by Sally Y. Walker. Free Spirit Publishing
      Good advice written with a sense of humor. I've
      read it many times over!

    3. The Gifted Kids Survival Guide: For Ages 10
      and Under
      by Judy Galbraith. Free Spirit Publishing
      Written for the younger gifted student, this helpful
      book explains giftedness clearly. Gives many suggestions
      to help make the school experience more positive.

    4. The Gifted Kids' Survival Guide: A Teen
      by Judy Galbraith and Jim Delisle, PhD.
      Free Spirit Publishing
      Recently updated, this valuable book covers topics
      such as how to relate with peers, devising your own
      curriculum, and college planning. An important chapter
      covers depression and suicide risks.  

    5. Keys to Parenting the Gifted Child
      by Sylvia Rimm, PhD. Barron's Publishing
      Part of the Barron's Parenting Keys Series, this helpful
      book examines questions many parents of gifted
      children have, such as when to start school, grade-skipping,
      and homework habits. Very readable.

    6. Perfectionism: What's Bad About Being Too
      By Miriam Adderholdt-Elliot, PhD. Free Spirit
      The title says it all. Though directed towards any
      perfectionist you know -- older middle-school age
      and up -- this book will also help parents understand
      and cope with their own gifted perfectionist child.

    7. The Roller-Coaster Years: Raising Your Child
      through the Maddening yet Magical Middle School
      by Charlene Gianetti and Margaret Sagarese.
      Broadway Books
      Though not written specifically for parents of gifted kids,
      this is a very helpful book for parents of an often
      overlooked age group. There is also a comprehensive
      list of resources for every chapter!

    8. College Planning for Gifted Students by Sandra L. Berger.
      The Council for Exceptional Children
      A book that takes you from choosing middle-school courses
      to the college-application process. Recently updated, it also
      includes data on gifted-teen summer programs and state
      gifted associations.

    9. The Over-Scheduled Child: Avoiding the
      Hyper-Parenting Tra
      p by Alvin Rosenfeld, MD and
      Nicole Wise.
      St. Martin's Griffen Press
      Gifted kids often want to put themselves in too many activities.
      Though not specifically directed at parents of gifted, this book
      examines this concern and makes recommendations for putting on
      the brakes.

    10. The Gifted Adult: A Revolutionary Guide for Liberating
      Everyday Genius
      by Mary-Elaine Jacobsen, PsyD.
      Ballentine Books
      You didn't think you stopped being gifted when you grew up,
      did you? Insightful writing examines issues that gifted adults
      may face if they don't successfully incorporate their
      "differentness" into their personality. Since many parents of
      gifted kids are gifted themselves, this book is highly

    Source: Family Education Network


    Books on Time and Perfectionism
    by Sandra Berger, M.Ed.

    Here are some great books for gifted kids of all ages, dealing
    with time management and perfectionism.

    • Time Management for Unmanageable People
      Ann McGee-Cooper and Duane Trammell
      Provides a "right-brain" method for work/study skills and
      time management. Suggestions include "reward yourself
      first and then do your assignments."

    • Becoming a Master Student: Tools, Techniques,
      Hints, Ideas, Illustrations, Examples, Methods,
      Procedures, Processes, Skills, Resources, and

      David Ellis
      Written primarily for college students, this book provides
      dynamic ways of teaching study skills, time management,
      and goal setting. Students are encouraged to try innovative
      approaches to academic and life-management skills.

    • Perfectionism: What's Bad About Being Too Good?
      Miriam Adderholdt-Elliott and Jan Goldberg
      Explores the problem of perfectionism, explains the
      differences between healthy ambition and unhealthy
      perfectionism, and gives strategies for getting out
      of the perfectionist trap.

    • The Skills of Encouragement: Bringing Out the
      Best in Yourself & Others

      Don Dinkmeyer and Lewis Losoncy
      Provides a plan, strategies, hints, and tips for helping
      discouraged students.

    • I May Not Be Totally Perfect, but Parts of Me
      Are Excellent, and Other Brilliant Thoughts

      Ashleigh Brilliant

    • The Gifted Kids Survival Guide, Ages 10 and Under
      Judy Galbraith, Pamela Espeland, and Albert Molnar
      Support and practical suggestions for gifted youngsters
      who are struggling with typical problems, such as school
      work, peer relationships, and community expectations.

    • The Gifted Kids Survival Guide: A Teen Handbook
      Judy Galbraith, James R. Delisle, Pamela Espeland (Editor),
      and Jim Delisle
      Helps students understand the meaning of giftedness,
      how to take charge of their own education, how to handle
      other people's expectations, and how to make and keep friends.

    • Tales for the Perfect Child
      Florence Parry Heide and Victoria Chess
      Written for 9- to 12-year-olds, this book presents a funny
      look at what would happen if children were perfect.

    • Be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days
      Stephen Manes
      A funny book for 9- to 12-year-olds about a student who
      decides that he wants to be perfect and finds a book on the topic.

    • Some of My Best Friends Are Books: Guiding Gifted
      Readers from Preschool to High School

      Judith Wynn Halsted
      A guide to using bibliotherapy and an excellent annotated
      list of books to use with gifted students.

    Brought to you by the Council
    for Exceptional Children

    Source: Family Education Network


    Books for Parents

    Beyond ADD: Hunting for Reasons in the Past &
    by Thom Hartmann

    Drama of the Gifted Child: The Search for the
    True Self
    by Alice Miller and Ruth Ward

    Dreamers, Discoverers, & Dynamos: How to Help the
    Child Who Is Bright, Bored, and Having Problems in
    by Lucy Jo Palladino

    Gifted Children: Myths and Realities

    Keys To Parenting the Gifted Child by Sylvia Rimm.

    Parents' Guide to Raising a Gifted Child by James Alvino
    and the editors of Gifted Children Monthly

    Pretenders: Gifted People Who Have Difficulty
    by Barbara P. Guyer

    The Survival Guide for Parents of Gifted Kids

    Why Bright Kids Get Poor Grades: And What You
    Can Do About It
    by Sylvia Rimm.

    Your Gifted Child: How To Recognize and Develop the
    Special Talents In Your Child From Birth to Age Seven

    by Joan Franklim Smutny


    Books for Kids

    Alphabet Workbook for gifted preschoolers
    by Martha Cheney and Karol Kaminsky.

    Extraordinary Young People by Marlene Targ Brill

    The Gifted Kid's Survival Guide: For
    Ages 10 and Under

    Gifted Kids Survival Guide: A Teen Handbook

    More Questions & Answers: For Ages 6 to 8
    by Bailey Kennedy and Larry Nolte

    Story Starters: Stories About Animals
    by Julie Koerner and Leo Abbett

    Source: Family Education Network

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