• IB Diploma Courses Offered

    Choose 3 @ higher level; 3 @ standard level

    Students must choose ONE course from Groups 1-5 PLUS

    ONE from Group 6 or a second Group 2-4 course 

    Denton High Schools' Offerings

    Group 1

      IB English Language & Lit (Higher Level)

    Group 2  SL Description

      Spanish (Standard Level)

      French (Standard Level)

      German (Standard Level)

      Latin (Standard Level)

    Group 3

      History of the Americas (Higher Level)

    Group 3 OR 4 (may only count for one Group)
      Environmental Systems and Society (Standard Level)
    Group 4
      Biology (Higher Level)
      Computer Science (Standard and Higher Level)
      Physics (Standard Level)
      Chemistry (Standard Level) 

    Group 5

      Mathematical Studies (Standard Level)

      Mathematics (Standard Level)

     Group 6

      Visual Art (Higher Level and Standard Level) 
      Music (Standard Level and Higher Level)
      Dance (Higher Level and Standard Level)
      Film (Higher Level and Standard Level)

     Sample Schedules

     Junior Year

      IB English III-HL

      IB Language Acquisition Choice III or IV SL

      IB History of Americas, Year 1 HL

      IB Biology HL, Year 1 or regular/AP Physics
      IB Math Studies SL, Pre-AP/IBDP Alg 2, or IB Math SL, Year 1 (IB Pre-Cal)
      IB Visual Arts HL/SL or IB Dance HLor IB Computer Science HL/SL or
          Film SL/HL
      Research--fall semester
      Theory of Knowledge-spring semester

    Senior Year

      IB English IV-HL

      IB Language Acquisition Choice IV SL

      IB History of Americas Year 2 HL

      IB Biology HL, Yr. 2 or Environmental Systems and Society SL

      IB Math Studies SL or IB Math SL, Yr. 2

      IB Visual Arts SL/HL or IB Dance SL/HL or IB Computer Science SL/HL or
          Film SL/HL

      Theory of Knowledge-fall semester