Contact me
    Mrs. Jill Pennington
     6th Grade Sheltered ESL Reading & English 
    Room Phone: 940-369-1612
    (Please note that all calls will go to voicemail and I will contact you within 24 hours of your call.) 
    Main Office Phone: 940-369-1500
    (I will do my best to check my emails and reply back to you by the end of the day.) 
     My Daily Schedule
    1st Period: Sheltered English
    2nd Period: Planning
    3rd Period: Sheltered Reading
    4th Period: Accelerated Reading
    5th Period: Sheltered Reading
    6th Period: Sheltered English
    7th Period: Team Planning
    8th Period: Accelerated Reading 
    At this time tutoring will be by appointment on
     Tuesday mornings 7:45-8:10 or
                                                                                                  Tuesday after school 3:40-4:10