• Welcome to History!

    Welcome to Cafe Deville's Classroom

    What's on our learning menu?  Tasty Reading, Writing, History, Science and Math !
    My name is Mrs. Cindy Deville, and I am very excited to be your teacher this year--especially for your fifth grade year here at L.A.Nelson Elementary School.  
    First, let me tell you a little about my educational background:  I earned my undergraduate and graduate degrees from Sam Houston State University in my hometown of Huntsville, Texas, about 70 miles north of Houston. Have you ever traveled to Galveston and passed a giant statue of a Texas hero? That's the town where I attended school. Huntsville was a great town to grow up in, and the university offered solid and thorough courses in education, preparing me for this great profession.  In fact, SHSU began in 1879 as a "normal institute" which is a unique way of calling it a teacher college.  
    Second, let me tell you about some of the places I've taught:  This will be my thirty third year as an educator, and I've been privileged to teach in the north Houston area here in our state of Texas, plus Alabama and several years in Florida.  As a U.S. Navy family, we moved often, so I was fortunate to meet and become friends with a variety of people from many different backgrounds. Most importantly, even though I've taught many years, I am happily still learning.  Do you know who some of my best teachers have been? My students!  
    Next, I want to mention some personal facts about me:  I love my family!  I have a sweet and kind husband who puts up with some late night teacher hours, but who also understands those late hours are because education is incredibly valuable. We also have two fun and interesting children, Sean and Katie. Well, they're really not "children" anymore.   They are both local graduates and are in pursuit of their interesting paths in life. We also have a newer member of our family:  Sadie!  She is a Goldendoodle--half poodle, half golden retriever.  Chasing balls, running like a rocket around the yard, and sometimes finding interesting things to chew are all kinds of Sadie fun.  She really seems to like shoelaces. And green markers and sticky notes. 
    Well, that's enough about me.  This year, I look forward to learning with you and learning about YOU.  You have already had lots of experiences yourself by the time you reach my classroom as you have lived over a decade. You have dreams about your future, and favorite things you like to do. You will learn in my classroom, AND you will continue to grow outside the classroom about life from those who love you and can pass wisdom your way. Did you know your experiences will help you on your learning journey? Each of us will bring something unique to our class. Just like our bodies hunger for nourishment, so do our minds hunger for good brain food that challenges it to grow.
    We are going to be a unique class this year:  We will study ALL subjects together.  It's as if we're our own unique island of knowledge and skills.  We will read, write, research, and learn about math, science and our nation's history. There will also be classes in physical education, art, music, and orchestra. You will visit our school library for lessons in research and searching reliable sources--and maybe experience some STEM fun, too!  
    This will be an exciting, important year---your SENIOR year at L. A. Nelson Elementary. Let's work and have fun together to make it one of your best.
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