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    Your child will be bringing home a "Homework Menu" for the month in their daily folder. They are required to choose one activity each night to do in the chart, then color in the activity they completed. You may send the completed homework back to me in their daily folder. These activities are meant to be quick and fun reviews of what we are currently learning about in school. They shouldn't take more than 5-10 minutes.
    Reading - After we complete ELI reading assessments at the beginning of the year, we will begin guided reading. When guided reading begins, your child will bring home their leveled reader everyday. Please have them read the books to you each day. Your child may have the same book for more than one night. Familiar reading and repetitive reading is so important for beginning readers, so please encourage them to read it to you every night. Every time your child reads it to you, you must write it on the reading log inside the clear sleeve that the book will come home in.
    In addition to the leveled reader, your child's homework is also reading books of their choice for 20 minutes EACH evening. I encourage you to read with them and to them, as well. It is important that they read aloud to you AND you read aloud to them to increase their comprehension, fluency rate, and vocabulary development.
    Help your child be a "Star Reader"!! In our Star Reader program, for every 15 books your child reads, they will get a chance to choose a prize from my treasure box. When your child reads 30 books (or chapters), their name will go on a star on our Star Reader Wall of Fame. At the end of the year, we will look and see who has the most stars on the wall! There will be a special reward given to the Star Reader. (Usually a special field trip in the summer with Mrs. G! :) ) So, please sign the Star Reader log each time your child reads a book or chapter. It can be found in their daily folder. Thank your for helping your child become the best reader they can be! Click here to go directly to my Reading Websites for support with reading.
    Math  For math practice,  please practice addition and subtraction facts to 18. There are many fun apps that help children learn them, or you can buy them inexpensively at Dollar Tree. Also, see my website links on Math Links.
    If your child is interested, click here for Science and Social Studies Websites.
    Thank you for your help! This is definitely a partnership, and your child will learn so much more if we are all in this together!
    Please let me know if you have any questions.
    Mrs. Glasschroeder




Last Modified on August 11, 2016