• September 27, 2011
    From Brooks' mom:
    These are some ways we practice our homework!
    Homework Words:
    First we will sit at the table together and he will color then cut the words and pictures out while saying the word, phrase and sentence. We will work together and glue them to notecards and then he will hole punch them to put on the ring. The ring is very helpful because he can pull out the current words easily.
     He will bring them to the carpool line at school and I will hold them up and he will say the caption. His little sister will repeat them too! It's funny when Brooks will correct her when she says things wrong.
    I will also put them on the floor and ask him to pick up the right card I read (he is learning some sight words while we practice!). 
    We will do the words at the bar while I am cooking dinner and his brother is doing his homework so sometimes big brother can help.
    Brooks has taken a lot of ownership on his cards and will ask if he can take them when we go in the car to read.
    Auditory Bombardment: Brooks and I will choose a quiet time and he will sit in front of me while I say the words. Sometimes he will want to hear them again and try to find the picture card that may match the word. It becomes a fun game.
Last Modified on November 7, 2011