Early Literacy Activities
    Pick one letter per week to work on and bombard your child with that letter throughout the week.  The PPG sound for the week would be appropriate during the school year.  Any letter your child does not know would be appropriate during the summer.  The activities below are just a starting point.  Be creative; make up activities that will aid in hyper focusing on the chosen letter.  All activities can be used to work on letter names or letter sounds.
    - Help your child trace the letter; in the air, on a dry erase board, on caulk written on sturdy paper, on sandpaper, in the dirt, on the sidewalk, on the carpet, in the sand, etc.
    - Write the letter very large, in chalk, on the sidewalk and have your child walk the lines of the letter.
    - Paint the letter with a bucket of water and large paintbrush on the house or sidewalk.
    - Point out the letter on signs.
    - Point out the letter on food boxes, such as a favorite cereal.
    - Play "I spy ___" while shopping, reading, driving, etc.
    - Write the names of people in your child's life that start with the letter and draw their picture beside it.
    - Talk about the shape it makes. (e.g. M: "up down, up down; like two mountains")
    - Write it on the bathtub walls with soap/bubbles.
    - Bombard your child with the letter of the week with construction paper cutouts of the letter taped all around the house.  When you pass them, review the letter.
    - Hide 2 plastic letters in a bag and your child identifies by feeling only.
    - Cut out a large letter of the week.  Help your child cut magazine pictures that start with that sound and paste them on the large letter cutout.  Proudly display any letter work on the refrigerator or in a frequently seen area of the house.
    - Write the letter in the air with your finger.
    - Write the letter on each other's back using your finger.
    - Write the letter on each other's hand using your finger.
    - Make bracelets with beads containing only the letter of the week and they wear it all week.
    - Make the letter out of pipe cleaners.
    - Make the letter out of play dough.
    - Stamp the letter over and over.  Letter stamps are available at teacher stores.
    - Use painters tape to make a large letter on the floor or carpet and have them walk it while saying the letter.
    - Use magnetic letters and a dollar store fishing pole to "go fishing". (use only letters that have been mastered and the new letter of the week.)
Last Modified on April 16, 2018