• writing


    • Dominoes
    •  Clothespins
    •  Clay/Play dough with rolling pin and cookie cutters
    •  Stapling paper
    •  Punching holes in paper with hand-held punch
    •  Lacing cards
    •  Stringing beads
    •  Legos,  Tinker Toys,  Lite Brite,  Lincoln Logs,  Barrel of Monkeys, Magna Doodle
    •  Dressing dolls
    •  Miniature cars
    •  Games: Pick up Sticks, Cootie Bug, Operation, Don’t Spill the Beans, Don’t Break the Ice,  Bingo
    •  Puzzles
    •  Painting
    •  Sand/water play
    •  Finger Painting
    •  Wind up toys
    •  Opening containers with screw on lids
    •  Large bolts and nuts
    •  Sharpen pencils with rotary pencil sharpener
    •  Use egg beater
    •  Sequence items using just one hand
    •  Spin tops
    •  Stickers
    •   Game spinners
    •  Searching for items hidden inside clay/play dough
    •  Pick up small, delicate items with tweezers (such as beans, cheerios, cornflakes)
    •  Wring out sponges and help clean horizontal and vertical surfaces
    •  Paint the house or driveway with water and a large paintbrush-encourage large arm movementsSort small objects such as coins, buttons, poker chips
    •  Cup hand to shake and roll dice
    •  Read books/play games while lying on belly

                  ROCKING HORSE

                  GIRAFFE STRETCH





Last Modified on November 6, 2017