• Starting School is so much Fun!

    Here is a review about our classroom and our school policies.

    Tuesday Folders/OWL Binders/Homework: Please remember that the blue Tuesday folders are our way of getting information to you about what is going on at school. Please sign and return the folder the following day and make sure you keep any information or class work that is sent home. I will also have a OWL binder that will go home each day. Please sign the calendar each night and return it to school every day. These will most likely start going home the third week of school. A monthly homework Calendar will be also included in the binder. You will be able to do each activity with your child each night. There will be no homework to turn in each week.

    Library Books: We will go to the Library on Fridays. Kindergarten students are allowed to check out books from the library.  It is my suggestion that the book is always returned to your child’s backpack after it has been read.  This way it has a better chance of returning back to school on the proper day.

    Morning Procedures: Kindergarten begins at 7:40 am.  The tardy bell rings at 7:40 am and instruction begins.  Children are not allowed in the classroom until 7:35 am.  They are expected to go to the cafeteria until the 7:35 am bell rings.  Students will be expected to come in the classroom alone after the first two weeks of school have passed. They will be expected to place their backpacks in their cubbies, lunch boxes in the basket and put any folders/items/notes, etc. on the table near the door. I know this may be hard for some children but these routines and procedures are crucial for your child’s growth in becoming an independent student and learner.

    Dismissal: The children will be dismissed at 3:00 pm and will be taken to their appropriate pick-up locations.  There will be teachers assigned to walk your child to the appropriate place.  If your child is being picked up by you, he/she will need to memorize the tag number given to you at registration because it will be told to the teacher on duty before being dismissed.  If you choose to park and pick up your child, you may stand on the front steps and wait for dismissal. Waiting in the foyer is not recommended as it causes congestion and confusion for the younger children.  Children are not allowed to cross the crosswalk without you. Car riders with tag numbers 001-350 will be dismissed through the cafeteria.  Bus riders and daycare students will exit through the gym.  If you need to change after school pick-up for your child, please call the office by 2:00 pm or preferably send a note that morning. If your child must leave early for an appointment in the afternoon, they need to be picked up prior to 2:30.  At 2:30, the office staff begins dismissal preparations, and it is difficult to release children between 2:30 and 2:50 except in the case of an extreme emergency.

     Parent/ Teacher Communication: Please feel free to call me or email me if you have any questions or concerns. I will be able to respond to phone calls and emails most of the time during my planning period (Special Areas time) or after school. You may schedule a time to meet with me if you feel we need to have a conference. I hope to be able to help your child in any way to make his/her Kindergarten experiences a positive one!  We will also have a parent curriculum meeting in September to learn more about the kindergarten curriculum. I will send home a reminder soon.

     What does your child need for school?

    -Back pack:  It would be very helpful if your child could bring a backpack to school each 

        day. It is very difficult for the children to keep up with their things without something

        to keep them in. Please label your child’s backpack with his/her name on it.

    -Change of clothes (in case of accidents, lunch spills or other) Please leave these in a

        Ziploc bag in your child’s backpack each day.

    -Water bottle

    -Lunch box or lunch money in a labeled Ziploc bag

     Please DO NOT allow your child to bring toys, fidget spinners, backpack keychains, dress up jewelry, etc. to school unless it is for a designated show and tell day. The children get distracted very easily when toys are brought to school. If your child brings a toy that is not for show and tell, they will not be able to play with it at school.

     Labeling and Dress Code:  Please label all coats, jackets, and sweaters with your child’s name. Refer to the handbook for appropriate dress.  It is especially important to wear proper shoes for the safety of your child while playing on the playground as well as tennis shoes on P.E. days. Please note that flip flops and spaghetti strap tops are in violation of dress code even in kindergarten.

     Snack Time: We will have a daily snack time during the day. We do not have a water fountain in the room. You may send a water bottle for your child to keep in their cubby daily. Most bring the refillable ones. Children are only allowed to have water in their cubbies. No juices are allowed. Children may ask to get a drink from their cubby when they are thirsty.  We have a restroom in the classroom. We do have food allergies in our classroom and snack sent from home will need to follow the allergy guidelines.

     Starting the first day of school, parents will be responsible for sending an individual snack for his/her child.  The snacks need to be easy to open and not require a utensil for eating. Please remember that a snack is not a treat.  Cookies, snack cakes, greasy chips, and candy of any kind are not acceptable because they do not give you lasting energy necessary for attention and learning.

    A snack should be small and nutritious, pumping you up with the energy you will need to learn challenging Kindergarten material!  Examples of healthy snacks include:

      • Fresh fruit (bananas, apples, grapes, orange slices)
      • Fresh vegetables (carrots, snap peas, celery)
      • Cheese
      • Granola
      • Raisins

    Bringing Money to School: On occasion your child will need to bring money to school for lunch, book fairs, or other special events.  Please send money in a baggie or envelope with your child’s name on it as well as a short note for its purpose.

    Absences:  Upon your child’s return to school after an absence, a note is required within two days or the absence will be unexcused. Please put the note in your child’s behavior folder as I check these each day. Please be mindful of your child’s attendance. Students with seven or more unexcused absences in a semester or ten unexcused absences in a school year are in violation of state law.   Although emails and phone calls letting me know that your child is sick that day are very much appreciated, they do not replace a written note.  You have received a sample of a note in your folder. Kindergarten is important!

    Birthdays:  Birthdays are very special events. We will celebrate in class by making your child feel special. We will celebrate your child's birthday with a special crown and they will get to take home the special birthday backpack with special birthday books that we will read at school and at home. I will also have a special birthday journal for your child to write about their birthday that they will take home. They will be able to present their writing to the class the next day. I can't wait to hear about their special day!   Please see attached Birthday Guidelines for more detailed information. If you are planning a party for your child, invitations may be passed out in school only if each child is receiving one

    Recess & Lunch:  Our recess time will be after lunch for 20 minutes.  We will go outside as often as possible.  Tennis shoes are the best shoes for playing in Kindergarten.  Our normal lunch time will be from 10:35-11:05.  If you choose for your child to eat in the cafeteria, please make sure they have money on their account or you send money in a labeled Ziploc bag.  You are welcome to eat lunch with your child.  You must sign in at the office first.  Some children have a hard time with their parent coming mid-day and then leaving.  During the first few weeks of Kindergarten, the days seem really long for them and they feel ready to go home by that time.  They will soon adjust. I promise!  Please just be mindful of how your child reacts when you come and leave.

     Specials Schedule:

    Monday-PE (wear tennis shoes)

    Tuesday- Music

    Wednesday-PE (wear tennis shoes)

    Thursday- Art

    Friday- Library

    We are ready for a great year!


    Monica Hughes      



    Conference: 12:20 pm-1:10 pm

Last Modified on August 9, 2017