3rd Grade  1st six weeks Unit of Study - Properties of Matter

    Dear 3rd Grade Families,


    Our Learning Target for this six weeks in Science:


    We will be able to describe and classify samples of matter as solids (school bus, pencil, and quarter), liquids (water, soda, and dish washing liquid) and gases (helium, air, steam) and be able to demonstrate that solids have a definite shape (never changes shapes) and that liquids and gases take the shape of its container.

    Instructional Approach:

    We will participate in hands on investigations that will give students an experience in observing, measuring and classifying the physical properties of matter using temperature.

    Students will also use this knowledge to predict, observe and record changes in the state of matter caused by heating or cooling

    Family Support

    You can help your child in several ways.

    • Point out and discuss the physical properties of objects around the home.

    • Ask your child to show you what they learned about physical properties by describing some of their favorite things using the unit vocabulary.

    • Play games such as "I Spy" and have your child find an object with the physical property you name and describe how it can be changed when heat or cooling is applied.


    The 3rd Grade  Team

Last Modified on September 10, 2015