• Classroom Communication


    Daily Folders: Your child will bring home a daily folder everyday. The daily folder will have your child’s homework and behavior calendar. Please look at your child’s folder every day.  The behavior calendar is a place for me to communicate any unacceptable behavior of the day.  If I have not written anything on a day, then there is no behavior to report.  No news is good news.
    Weekly Folders: Each Tuesday your child will bring home a folder that will contain any information the school or I would like to inform you of, there is also a side for graded papers.  Please keep all papers, and return the folder on Wednesday.
    Questions & Concerns: I know that throughout the school year questions and concerns may come about, please note that my conference time is Monday through Friday , my voice mail phone number is 940-369-1434 and my email address is lsmith3@dentonisd.org. Please feel free to contact me and I will try to accommodate your questions and concerns without interfering with our daily schedule.

    Classroom Discipline: Classroom discipline is important to a child's education.  In order to provide a safe and friendly learning environment, children will be afforded every opportunity to excel. When a child’s behavior keeps other from learning, steps will be taken to rectify the problem. Some examples of possible discipline includes having a one on one conversation with the student about their behavior, spending two to five minutes walking and reflecting during recess, a note sent home to parents in which the note will have to be signed and returned the next day, or a  phone call home.

    Student Absence: I know that throughout the school year our kids tend to get the sniffles, have doctor’s and dentist appointments and sometimes it causes them to miss a day of school. If your child misses a day of school please be sure to send a note with your child when they return to school explaining why they missed school.

    Reading:  As students bring home their guided reading books, they will be expected to read those books daily while practicing the strategies that were taught to them, please check the assignment sheet to see what your child should be working on.    Listening to your child read is a key component in their reading success.  It should also be a fun and engaging activity for you to share in. 

    Book Orders:  From time to time, I will send home a Scholastic Book Order.  Please do not feel obligated to buy anything.  However, I feel that it is a great way to expand your home library.  For each book ordered, points are issued to the class toward books for our classroom library.

     Snacks/ Drinks:  Because we have a later lunch, I do allow for students to have a snack during in class.  If you would like you can send your child with a snack, we will not have whole class snacks (where parents send in snacks and I pass them out.) Please make sure that any snack that you send with your child is a healthy snack, no candy or chips allowed. Students are also allowed to bring water bottles to class as long as they have lids on them.


Last Modified on August 11, 2016