• Fuel Up To Play 60

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    A Vision for America's Youth


    The long-term goal of Fuel Up to Play 60 is to engage and inspire youth to take control of their health and wellness.  Healthy eating and physical activity can help their learning and academic achievement – which is important now and in the future!

    Committed Partners for Success

    National Dairy Council®, your local Dairy Council and the National Football League – in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Agriculture – want to empower kids to make smart choices through eating healthier and getting more physical activity.

    Made to Engage Kids

    Empower your students!  You can help them build partnerships with the adults in our school community who can help them make themselves and our school healthier.

    Supports School Standards and Wellness Goals

    Fuel Up to Play 60 supports nationally recommended standards for health, nutrition and physical education/physical activity.  The program also helps schools meet their wellness goals – complementing existing wellness efforts and a Coordinated School Health approach.

    Rewards and Incentives

    To help motivate and recognize program participants who jump-start healthy changes in your school, Fuel Up to Play 60 offers funding opportunities for schools and rewards for students!

Last Modified on August 21, 2014