*Daily/Weekly homework for science is to study notes in their science notebook so they are prepared when the test comes.  Once a week they will have a worksheet or activity to complete as well. They will receive it on Monday and it is due on Thursday.  Also periodically we will have vocabulary quizzes that students will need to study for.  The current word list and a link to study can be found on the Vocabulary Link. We work in STEMscopes, our online science resource, during class time but students will need to work on it at home too if they are absent, get behind, or have reassigns to stay caught up.  Sometimes STEMscopes assignments will also be assigned for homework.  See the Online Science Resource Link to log in.  
    *This Week's Homework-
    • Study for Heating and Cooling Mini-Assessment Tuesday
    • Energy Scavenger Hunt due Friday 






Last Modified on October 3, 2017