• Classroom Expectations and Discipline

         Discipline is teaching,not punishment!
            Classroom Expectations

    All students have a right to learn and a responsibility to allow others to do the same.  My class expectations for the students and myself are:


    1.   We will exhibit these character traits: responsibility, caring, respect, trustworthiness, fairness, and citizenship

    2.   We will listen to people who raise their hands, and speak one voice at a time when called upon.

    3.   We will learn when there are no problems or distractions.

    4.   We will work cooperatively with others.

    5.   We will be respectful listeners and follow directions. 

    6.   We will turn in neat, quality work assignments on time.

    7.   We will come prepared each day with all needed materials.

    8.   We will respect our classroom and the property of others.

    9.   We will follow all district and school rules and procedures.

    10.                We will always do our best.


    Remember:   Believe in yourself!  Tomorrow is a new day!

    We all make mistakes.  Mistakes are an opportunity to grow.  When you make a mistake, accept the consequences, learn from the mistake, and do better next time. 


    One Rule:

    Do not cause problems for others.  If you cause a problem I will do something.   

      Expectations have both positive and negative consequences:

    Positive Consequences 

    1.           Verbal praise

    2.           Moving Clip Up on Clip Chart (see below)

    3.           Tickets

    4.           Reward Coupons for special privileges

    5.           Group rewards for good behavior

    6.           Whole Class Coupons/Rewards for good behavior

    7.           School-Wide Rewards (Chosen as Noble Knight, receiving Knight Award, etc…)

    8.           Attending Weekly Fun Friday

    I believe in teamwork.  We will have class and group incentives to work together as a team such as special privileges, extra recess, game day, etc.  

    Negative Consequences

    1.        Direct eye contact/Verbal Warning           

    2.        Moving clip down on Clip Chart (see below)   

    3.       If a problem occurs, I will give a logical consequence to fit the behavior (based upon individual student).   

    4.       Not attending Fun Friday

    5.       Loss of Rewards

              6.       Student and/or teacher will call parent to explain behavior

    7.       Office Referral

    Each student is regarded as an individual; therefore, consequences will be given with this in mind.

    Classroom Discipline and
    Accountability System


    As a fifth grade team, we would like to explain our accountability program.  It is adopted from Rick Morris, creator of New Management. We are very excited to implement this discipline strategy to promote positive behavior in the fifth grade.  The students used it last year in 4th grade and many of the other grade levels here at Blanton use it as well. 


    Each student has their own clothespin identified only by a number that will be clipped on a chart.  The student’s clothespin will travel up or down the chart based on their behavior.  Each student will begin on READY TO LEARN each day.  Our goal is that the student experiences a true sense of accomplishment if they move up the chart.  If the student moves down the chart, they have the opportunity to move up from that spot if they make better choices.


    The goal of this program is behavioral self awareness and accountability; it is secondary that your child is “outstanding” every day.   “Did you get on outstanding today?” should not be the first question the student is asked. 


    clip chart




Last Modified on October 20, 2012